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SYS - Windows 2008.. Taking the piss?

31-12-2013, 09:26

We still do not know when Windows will be offered, I suggest you contact us and ask for a refund.

31-12-2013, 06:31
So, its been 3 weeks. I ordered from soyoustart after seeing that windows was supported, nothing about hyper-v on the homepage or order screen. I was with OVH before, and have always had Windows 2008 Server, so when I saw that Windows was supported on SYS, I thought it would be the same, and not this Hyper-V crap.

I was told on the phone, BEFORE I ordered that I would have access to windows server 2008 after I purchased in the control panel.

I was then told it would be "shortly" in the thread:

So where is my windows? I have a dedi that has been sat doing nothing for the past 3 weeks, waiting for you to sort out windows, that you so promised. Are you going to reset my expiration date or will I be forced to pay in a weeks time, getting told that windows will be available to me shortly.

Right now, I feel robbed of my money... If you had of told me it won't be until 3-4 weeks time, then I would of asked for the money back and re-ordered when Windows was available, not wait 3 weeks for nothing to come of your promises.

Maybe you should put on the SYS homepage, that it is Hyper-V and not WINDOWS.