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Memory usage ina 32bit VPS

09-01-2014, 12:00
Thanks, I've already configured everything though, I may try slowly redoing it all, just a pain doing it to 8 VMs over 3 servers

07-01-2014, 17:29
you can get 64bit templates from here it has them all and they all work :-)

06-01-2014, 22:23
I've just realised that all the default proxmox openvz templates are 32bit (which is a bit of a pain as I had set my innodb buffer pool to 4GB, which initially seemed to work, until it crashed and mysql refused to start and I had no idea why).

So my question is this, I have a contaiiner that I assigned 12GB to, according to proxmox it's using all 12GB, can a 32bit container use the extra RAM for caching or is it just lying to me?