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Ecological researchers

11-03-2008, 10:25
Hi Octave,

you lost customers because you proposed water cooling? Very strange. I'm very interested in behind the scenes information.

Question: Is ovh looking into SAN disks with boot from SAN technology?


10-03-2008, 12:01
I agree, I also look forward to OVH offering large solid state hard drives at really good prices.

10-03-2008, 11:36
I think that green issues have been taken a lot more seriously recently, a big jump since 2004. However I'd said it's still too early to tell whether business will really jump on the bandwagon - the next year or so should show that. Personally I'd be very interested.

Most datacenters market things like their backbone & security - CCTV coverage, no human access to server rooms, air conditioning & fire prevention etc - so I think telling everyone about these features in a similar way would add a lot to OVH's reputation. As it is, I don't know a great deal about you.

09-03-2008, 16:06
The video you created was quite interesting Oles, even if it was in French!

09-03-2008, 15:48
I'm really interested to read/see all things that are about Ovh, especially the "back-office". I will be able to write a book about OVH soon. :-D

09-03-2008, 15:31
I would be really interested to see how OVH does things differently and what takes place behind the scenes at OVH.

09-03-2008, 15:08
Hi There,
Ovh is, probably, the most ecological hoster in the World.
For example, we have 30'000 dedicated servers working in a
our own water-cooling system. So we use 30% less power per
server ! Why our server are cheaper ? You have the answer.
And we make lot of researchers on the data-centres, on the
servers, to waste less power. We are working right now on
the new 45nm Intel's CPU. etc etc etc ...

The problem is that I have a really bad experience with the
feedback's of the customers when we explain how different Ovh
is. For example, in 2004, I announced that we will change to
water-cooling system and propose less expensive server. We lost
lot of customers. They said us that we are crazy. And they
don't want to take the risk to work with a crazy company. An
another example: we propose right now the new CPU Celeron 215
(1.25GHz) and the customers say "!? what the hell it is ! I
want a 2.0GHz CPU !!".

I understood that there is some stories that we have not to talk
about since the people are not ready to hear it. I understand
that what we propose is really new and some customers can be
lost. The marketing is too slow to explain how our offer is
new ! Maybe Ovh is "the future today" company. Maybe not.

I have a question and I need your feedback. I feel that the
people changes and the ecological question becomes important.
But I'm not really sure if it's the right moment or we have
to wait more to show you how Ovh makes the servers in a
different way to propose you something that really doesn't
exist elsewhere ? How less power-hungry our data-centres are ?
How do we build our own server ? Which kind of tests do we
make on the servers to accept a new mother cart, a new hard
disk, etc ? I don't know if you are ready to hear it, to see
it ? Or you don't care about all this "back-office" work and
all you want is the server working and nothing else ?