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Load balancing solution for 2 x EG-32 servers

14-01-2014, 10:51
As an update I found the load balancing IP offer:

Plan on using a couple of these (setup via the API) for external load balancing. Will probably install haproxy for internal load balancing.

13-01-2014, 16:32
Hi All,

I'm new to OVH so wanted a bit of advice about how best to setup my load balancing.

So far I have 2 x EG-32 servers setup in a vRack running SmartOS. On each physical host I'm running 6 containers for various services.

I've worked out how to network between boxes using the vrack stuff on network. Have also got 2 of the VM's on each host configured with a failover ip via vmac so I can connect to them individually over the internet.

So for info I have:

Physical Host 1:

Physical Host 2:

All 4 of those vm's have the failover ip assigned. Ideally I need a solution that will load balance traffic between the 2 x nodeapp containers, and 2 x rabbitmq containers.

Also need a way to load balance internally if possible. I have 5 riak containers setup and it would be great to somehow expose a single endpoint sitting in front of those without adding a single point of failure.

Any advice gratefully received!