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SP32 equivalent in the US

20-01-2014, 12:56
Hi is for US and CA Customers, so shortly we will offer these servers on

19-01-2014, 20:37
Hello all

i need some advice and having to make some quick decisions.

I need servers based in the US thats not OVH prices :

I need something that was like the SP32 but the closest i can get to this is :
they have BHS but there is none in stock. "PS-30"

i want something like these but in the US and it just isnt possible

there is no US based servers here
if OVH's argument is that this website is for uk based servers or uk based customers... then the servers that are on here are in france.

Am a little lost, ovh i feel you are bottlenecking and complicating this "innovative change" You are forcing me to go with another provider that offer similarities as to what i want and what you used to offer. This is now a empty gap in the market that ovh has left.