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France vs Canada - Latency

21-01-2014, 17:37
Thanks for your thoughts. I think you are right.

21-01-2014, 12:18
Naturally Canada will be a higher ping as it's further away from Europe. I would factor it based on where your site is going to be viewed the most often. If it's Europe, get a server in Europe. If it's going to be viewed from worldwide, it really doesn't matter. Some places in the world is going to be faster than others. The only away around that is to use a CDN or multiple servers around the world.

20-01-2014, 16:39

I am going to order an SYS server, but I am not sure whether I should buy one based in France or Canada.

Testing some pings I am finding they take about 35-55ms from the UK to France; but testing UK to Canada is giving pings of around 140ms.

I am very keen on optimising load times, for which I have good solutions, such as G-zip caching most pages. As such, my site will be very quick, no matter where it is loaded.

I'm looking for opinions on wheter it is worth saving 100 on a server in Canada and loosing 100ms. Your thoughts.