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Everyone likes free stuff

25-01-2014, 19:45
Not that much actually. Seems to be a known problem with them - don't use it for too long in one go. If yo think there's dust on the lens, it probably isn't....

25-01-2014, 19:03
How much did you use it for that to happen?!

25-01-2014, 19:00
My micro projector from OVH died (DLP burned out) But that was certainly a pleasant surprise when it came in the mail!

25-01-2014, 13:01
I got a micro projector worth 200 from OVH a few years ago. It was a very cool gift and I still use it on occasion. It's a shame they can't put the same level of effort into free stuff as they do into customer support.

25-01-2014, 10:57
I was wondering when I'd receive an epic OVH Lanyard, Im tired of wearing my company lanyard.. Comon OVH!

23-01-2014, 13:05

23-01-2014, 11:36
Im sure you guys can send us some goodies so we can show them up !!!!!!!!!!!

23-01-2014, 11:34
Cloudant are a good company, our development team sent them an email saying "why don't you send us some stuff to help with our (so called) Bin Ball championship" and they came through

Now we can't let the development team get all the goodies can we? So c'mon OVH, send us a load of free stuff too

(Nowt like a bit of blagging )