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New OVH Server - Securing Esxi 5.5

09-02-2014, 12:15
Without going into too much detail you can try the following:
1. Setup iptables and allow access to admin ports from your IP etc only (it would work but most domestic internet connections use DHCP, although some last for awhile this could be annoying).
2. Firewall off admin ports and use a VPN to connect.

09-02-2014, 12:02
Hello All,

Just an open question to anyone out there with experience I'm trying Esxi for the first time (previously used Hyper-V).

I installed 5.0 via the OVH Panel, I then updated to 5.5 and now the latest version (build 1474528) and all is going well. I'm just wondering from a security stand point, is there anything I should do / setup on my server?

On my local Esxi test machine, the host /server IP/Ports are not exposed on the internet, where's on the real OVH box they are. So I'm just wondering what setup / settings people commonly do to protect their box from any vulnerabilities in Esxi etc?

Much appreciated