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Reseller and Kimsui for USA

19-02-2014, 11:33
ok thats confused me even more. sorry.

if it is on kimsufi in blocks of 5, how is this any different than what a customer can get may i ask.

If its also in blocks of 5 or in 2;s or 3's etc, does that mean there is a priority set for brokers as the times for getting kimsufi servers are... well not consistent yet. Also not all of the kimsufis are available.

When benifits are the brokers getting going through kimsufi as well. Please shed some light on this. Stand up grab a senior and ask him why customers dont know whats happening with the brokers project .


18-02-2014, 18:05
Hi the Reseller (brookers), for now is on the new Kimsufi website where you can purchase servers in bulk (up to 5), I am sure this was posted somewhere on this forum but cannot find it at the moment.

18-02-2014, 16:28
The reseller was spoken about in November by your own guys posting in the news section. the last update was it to be looked at and potentially get something up by Christmas. and now we are midway through feb and you say now there are no plans... for reseller. can you see why i become frustrated with inconsistency of information here neil.

I aint asking for much but just once, can we have one proper channel whereby all accurate information flows. and not conjured by troll dwelling business owners who cant action plan a idea from pen and paper to innovation.

18-02-2014, 14:56

No plans for reseller accounts at the moment, you can purchase Kimsufi servers in the Canadian Datacentre on the Kimsufi website, see

18-02-2014, 13:13
When are these two aspects taking place. Can you provide a good estimation as to when this is taking place.