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advice on hosting VPS using applications

21-02-2014, 13:15
Think am gonna have to spend a weekend working at it

19-02-2014, 20:49
VMware ESXi is free for single hosts, you just need to register on their site, there is no failover between hosts etc.

I can even sell you a copy of the PHP web-based manager I wrote to manage the server over HTTP if you would like for not very much.


19-02-2014, 19:58

I install a very minimal hardened Gentoo on the bare hardware whose only purpose is to support Kernel Virtual Machines.
I use virt-manager over SSH to manage the VMs. I did post a sketchy HOWTO but its out of date now and probably won't work as it stands.

You can install any Linux distro into a KVM. I'm told Windows works too but I've never tried.

19-02-2014, 11:50
Ok so i need some sound advice if possible guys.

i am looking for recommendations for the best setup for windows and linux with a control panel for management.

I am looking into setting up a VPS hosting solutions business over windows and linux OS. I am looking into the possible software options for both linux flavours.

I believe that OVH currently use Proxmox and VMware as managed hosting options..... but they do this with OVH directly and that comes also with a price tag that isnt veesable for new companies. Isn't going to be a quick decision but will be a long investment as a business.

So i have currently looked into solus with OpenVZ for linux at this stage and seems fairly straight forward.
also started to look into vmware vsphere.

any advise on this would be appreciated
downloadable OS templates ?
Managed panel ?
both linux and windows?