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Dedicated servers with 40 Gbps

28-02-2014, 21:58
When will the FS-48T be ready for uk clients?

20-02-2014, 09:05

6 years after launching dedicated servers with 10G, once again we are pleased to announce the first dedicated servers with the vRack network in... 40G! Technology today is still reserved for a few specific needs such as Hadoop (dig data) or OpenStack Swift or CEPH (storage), but we believe we can gradually democratise it as we did with the 10G.

The French press release is available here:

The FS-144T, FS-216T and BD-48T servers are now available for order and with a delivery time of 10 days. We will improve the FS version with SSD for CEPH with new Samsung 480 GB SSDs, which are 20% faster than the Intel 480 GBs.
What's more, the new NCV 2.1 will be based on these new highly reliable, ultra-performance disks.

Innovation and continuous performance...