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Smart Raw_Read_Error_Rate

28-02-2014, 21:24

Beware the raw values.
There is no standard for them. Some vendors pack several values into the same 32 bit word too.
This leads to scary but harmless raw values.

28-02-2014, 19:26
By that alone, it is fine. Once the value column is lower than the threshold column, you have something to worry about. Also, just use the -H / --health option so you have an immediate overview if it is failing or not.

P.S: Circular reference: http://forum.ovh.co.uk/showthread.ph...ll=1#post59824

28-02-2014, 16:51
Do we know if the below is an indication that /dev/sdb is about to fail? I see a high Raw_Read_Error_Rate

[root@korn ~]# smartctl -a /dev/sdb | grep -i Raw_Read_Error_Rate
1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x000b 094 094 016 Pre-fail Always - 786441
[root@korn ~]# smartctl -a /dev/sda | grep -i Raw_Read_Error_Rate
1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x000b 100 100 016 Pre-fail Always - 0
[root@korn ~]#

If yes how Can I arrange for this to be replaced?

SID 308848