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Mail server

06-03-2014, 20:59
If you have a firewall like IPTables enabled and only allow needed ports open, then you can easily see what packets/ports are being dropped if you add in logging for dropped packets. If they are hitting services that are supposed to be open, just turn on full logging for those services and check the logs. I guess you could just turn on IPtables and log everything that comes through, even for open ports, whatever floats your boat :-) Just keep an eye on disk space and you are not killing your server writing all these logs.

06-03-2014, 18:07
Well thanks for all the feedback guys. In the end i opted for iReadMail and setup was straight forward and easy to do.

The only reason why i'm using a dedi is that i already have to run VMs and i'm using one of the failover ips for the mail server.

With regards to spam issues, the emails are not sent in bulk, users are signing up to my services and will require email authentication to amend their accounts for added security.

Those receiving the emails will not want to mark them as spam else their accounts will be useless...

On a side note one of my servers (not on OVH) is being hit 3-4 times a day by 6-7 sometimes more Gbps ddos attacks.

The attacks last 3 to 5 minutes and i'm looking for ideas on how to find which service is being attacked and how to mitigate them better

04-03-2014, 12:53
Quote Originally Posted by Mark1978
You don't really need a dedi run run a mail server, it's pretty low intensity stuff, a cloud or VPS would likely do the job.
Yep this is true.

04-03-2014, 10:54
You don't really need a dedi run run a mail server, it's pretty low intensity stuff, a cloud or VPS would likely do the job.

03-03-2014, 22:54
I'm using RackSpace for the "pro" stuff, and they have Mailgun which is free up to 50K messages p/m. I think its up to 10K for non-RackSpace customers, but signing up for a RackSpace Cloud account is easy enough and just a nominal fee for the card check (I think it was a penny).

Edit: The reason for mentioning this, is that bulk email servers are an absolute PITA to deal with. Not so much from the technical standpoint, as slapping Postfix or Exim on a server is easy.

It is spam feedback that you need to deal with on a perpetual basis. Not to mention that OVH has a rather strict policy on bulk e-mail, given their standing in blacklists - see the OVH SBL IP listing in my signature.

Using your own server, subscribing to feedback loops, like those from Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, AOL, Comcast, Roger, etc., is a must, as is to RBL monitors like MxToolbox.

Using a third party that integrates this all into a simple system will keep those sleepless RBL-delisting-while-customers-complain nights away.

02-03-2014, 18:47
the free iRedMail it's not limited, majority of basic functions are working, the other solutions:
OX App Suite
AfterLogic WebMail Lite

02-03-2014, 13:52
thanks for the suggestion, the free version seems quite limited.

What other solutions would you suggest'

02-03-2014, 09:52
If you want to run your own mail server then take a look at there are other solutions out there if you just want to send email from your script.

02-03-2014, 04:20
I'm running a couple of websites and one of them has become quite popular with over 1k new users in a day.

As each account require email authentication and also to apply changes to the account email confirmation is needed i'm having high volume of emails.

Unfortunately my hostings package came with unlimited emails but all accounts are limited to 100 emails in/out per hour so it's not cutting it anymore.

I'm thinking of using a dedi to run a mail server but never set one up before so i'm looking for help.

Any good how-to out there? Am I in the right direction looking at citadel to run on ubuntu?