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hubiC Multiple drive locations

25-03-2014, 11:16
Thanks AndyS, you just made my day...

So, here I sit looking at my 4 monitors, remembering that Whoa-moment when I got my second monitor as a desktop-extension. I have been reminded of that sudden realisation of the power built into stuff now...

Something so simple, which has been sitting there as a solution, just waiting for me to need it...!

Being a true geek of course I went straight to the CMD Line:

mklink /J S:\Hubic\Audio S:\Audio
mklink /J S:\Hubic\Video T:\Video
mklink /J S:\Hubic\Documents U:\Documents

...Sync is now under way, but this may take a while...!

Thanks again,


25-03-2014, 10:15
Yes, I have this working on my 25GB account, drobox and others.

I use simlinks to link the other folders into my hubliC folder and then they sync just like they were in that folder.

To sync in the opposite direction I think it would work fine if you did the same at the other side.

Here is a gui for the links if you need for Windows:

Hope this helps.

25-03-2014, 00:39
Hi All,

Yes, I know - there is a specifiC foruM for hubiC, but I don't speak frencH... Yes I know chromE will translate for mE, but I can't search in frencH either... (OK, I'll give up with the capitals at the wrong end; promisE ).

Does anyone here have a 10TB drive? I have got myself the 10TB Hubic, and want to sync 2TB from one HDD, and about 500GB from a different drive. Is this possible?

Without the option for using more than one drive, is 10TB achievable?

I can only see settings for a single folder, do I have to flip-flop between them?

I am also looking to move 2TB of files from one server to another, and I thought Hubic could help - setup the software on each, and then allow it to mirror across. Anyone done anything like this, or got any comments on how it may or may not work?

Thanks in advance,

(sorry, couldn't resist)