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How do I setup a tempplate for windows OS install ?

09-03-2015, 05:39

It depends on your disk size, but maybe around 10GB - 20GB????

18-02-2015, 11:23
we've seen customers in the past here in the forum that have their own images , mainly Linux I must admit, and manage to develop a way to install them themselves, through rescue mode (winPE) or KVM. For Windows, that's always more complicated with Windows, but you're welcome to try tools out there that allow to do that.

I can only say that unfortunately, this is not supported by OVH. Maybe another customer can share their experience here if they've done so, but at OVH we cannot recommend you any specific software to do it.

17-02-2015, 20:06
Why you reinstall?? look the problem and solve. its pathetic every week reinstall 50 servers . btw do share if you found a template

30-03-2014, 21:54
well most servers go for a few months
but I have so many and some are problematic
but im constantly adding more
the main problem is to many people using it and it becomes unstable

anyway what im looking for rate now is a way to setup a template so I don't have to re setup everything every time I install a new OS

30-03-2014, 16:15
If you're having to reinstall them every week then I would suggest you look into what's causing such problems that you need to reinstall them.

30-03-2014, 15:31
after I install windows on a server it takes me a couple of hours to install all the software we use
I would love to get one server setup then make a template of it
so I can just have it all done on auto from now on
I have nearly 50 servers
feels like im re installing about 10 a week for one reason or another
my business often makes them unstable
it's getting to be a lot of work