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Grub misconfig / reboot question

Greg Conway
08-04-2014, 02:17
Thanks Jake. It came back okay on the reboot... but it took reading this before I actually hit the reboot button! Much appreciated

08-04-2014, 00:10

If it fails to boot, you generally have 3 options:
1) Use network boot kernel (OVH kernel option), this will boot up bypassing your grub (In OVH control panel > Dedicated Servers > Services > Netboot)
2) Use Rescue mode to boot up and check/install/configure your grub
3) Reinstall (Probably not a good idea on a live server)

So realistically, you should be able to get your server fully booted again using option 1 or 2.

Personally, I'd go for option 1 first, it's enough to get you back into your OS and be able to check your grub.

Hope this helps :-).

Greg Conway
07-04-2014, 23:46
Hi all,

I have recently repaired my software RAID following a failed hard disk replacement, and I've reinstated GRUB on the second partition of both disks.

For one reason and another I'm a little concerned as to whether the server will actually come back at it's next reboot! And of course now i need to reboot it. Everything *should* be fine but I'm just being a little paranoid here as it's a GPT setup using the second partition... it's just a little removed from the norm... enough to get me worrying!

I'm also fairly new to OVH. If it fails to boot by itself, can I use any of the additional OVH boot options to get this server back up and running again quickly? Will the OVH technicians work it out and boot it back up for me?

(it would have to be the most critical of all my servers!)

Thanks for any ressurance!