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I cant create site on the OVH web hosting

09-06-2014, 15:02
Each registrar offers the possibility to transfer a domain of another registrar to himself to manage it. The transfer is a delicate operation which requires several precautions. it is the registrar, who requests for the transfer, to take them into account. The operations are:
To make sure that the transfer is really requested by the contacts of the domain
The registrar, who looses the domain management, can not check if the transfer has been requested. Once the transfer request is launched, it can be completed (for example: if you are on holiday and that you are not able to refuse the transfer).

08-04-2014, 18:12

You need to create a DNS Zone for (contact support if you do not know how to do this) or change the DNS Servers for back to your previous provider and then change the A Record to the same as your main domains IP.

08-04-2014, 15:01
Hi dear I am new on the ovh web hosting, I create the FTP space and add it into the multi-domain at:

Manager >> Domain >> Hosting >> Multi-domain. But site still of offline can same ones tell me please whats wrong?