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VM container options

10-04-2014, 17:52
Thanks for the insight !

i think at first i want to attempt to create a type 2 enviroment which is to install the software over windows OS to then develop containers.
bear metal / OS / VM software / containers

The end game for me will be to create this at a later stage :
bear metal / Hypervisor / containers.

I have noticed that on SYS you can only have 5 fail overs at the moment. i would be right in saying you cant create containers with the same IP therefor having to create a container with new ip's correct ? why do i feel like when dealing with ovh that its a mind game and a FU to all customers.

Is there a software for a type 2 enviroment that allows you to connect to multiple physical servers for distribution from one control panel. or is this for only type 1.

Regarding spec question i have

can anyone tell me why the HOST-32

is better than the SP64

Inpart from the additional 4 threads the amd Host 32 has compared to intel E5 SP64. The SP 64 holds double more RAM. why has ovh chosen amd to be the forefront of the VMware market. sure its a cost effective cheap approach.... enlighten me

10-04-2014, 12:13
You should be able to install VMWare ESXi, Citrix Xen Server, Proxmox or HyperV 2008/2012 directly from the Manager. Those are all free distributions and should be available on both OVH and SYS servers. There's also Virtuozzo for Windows/Linux as well as SolusVM if you want to license those.

For clarification, ESXi is the vSphere Hypervisor and is an OS in its own right.

10-04-2014, 03:10
does ovh or sys have templates in place for ESXI and Vsphere basic in place.

also does any OS flavours come with with Basic Vsphere.