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Can I use the "Backup" servers like this?

08-05-2014, 16:00
It's just a server like all the rest, just has a bigger disk at the expense of processors and memory. You can use it any way you please, including in the way you describe.

26-04-2014, 17:27
I'd give OVH a call first thing Monday morning and see that they say. It would be interesting though to see their response as i'm sure your not the only one in this position and those servers would be a good place to cache files and access them on demand (really what a back server is).

In regards to the not guaranteed, my guess is its a best effect. i.e the network capacity is available (which OVH have a very good network by the way) then you can pull the full 1Gbit. But i'd expect at least 100mbit anytime from that server (probably the way of Kimsufi style bandwidth).

Give them a call, see what they say and let us know!

20-04-2014, 22:02
We don't have a massive budget so we can't afford the big servers like that.

Colocated storage server and 2 cheap dedis (if that) will be the limit for us.

17-04-2014, 14:58
Hi Jackster,

I know you were looking at 2 separate web servers for the front end and a large storage server, I am pretty sure by the time you have paid for all that you could get the BIG-HG with an 8 port Hardware RAID with 6x 4TB SAS, 2 X SSD for the Web Server/DB and have 2x E5-2670v2 doing the heavy lifting. You can pay for the drives one off up front and obv get a loyalty discount after 1 year. You also get a Tier 4 server which is prob safer than 3 separate servers.

I guess depends on your budget, but seems an option to me,


17-04-2014, 13:33
Looking at the long term cost we might actually try and collocate a server if possible.

I know OVH have this service for the French customers I am wondering if it is possible to collocate if UK customer?

For 99Euro +tax for a 3u that is quite good for us as we can fit a 3U with 16 hotswap bays in. Hopefully be able to go in and add more HDs once a year till we fill the thing though I doubt we will ever fill ~64TB of storage :P

17-04-2014, 03:43
Not sure about whether you can use it for this but I can't see why not, would wait for OVH staff confirmation though.

In terms of the not guaranteed bandwidth, if you'd rather have guaranteed you should check out the new 'Storage' and 'Big Data' ranges.

17-04-2014, 01:56
Hi all

So I am in need of servers with a lot of storage. I am interested in the BK-24T range.

Now what my site needs is storage for images. These are accessed a lot but we are going to be caching most of it.

The way our system will be working is that we have a/multiple web servers, when a client loads a page the web server will grab the image from the backup server a cache it. The user then gets the cached images. If another user requests a image then they load it off the cache.

Cache will last as much as we can store, about 120-200GB worth so we are caching 80% of our daily requests.

First of all is this use allowed on this type of server?

The "not guaranteed" is a tad concerning. The file size we are storing is 500k-2.5MB so overall pulling this a few times every minuet we are hardly using any bandwidth. I guess at the rates we are pulling content there should not be a problem with this?