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Transfer FailOver IP's

22-04-2014, 16:19
pretty sure they've always maintained that you can't do this ..which depending on how they have their network configured might be true, but i know from experience that it's easily done. bit of a ****ter really, esp. if you have them in use and can't easily change.

22-04-2014, 15:49
Hello Guys,

I have 3 failover IP addresses on an old Kimsufi box I have, I wish to return this Kimsufi server now and get another SYS server. Could someone please clarify if I will be able to transfer these IP addresses to the new SYS server? - Possibly someone that has actually done it before?

Support tell me it is not possible to transfer Kimsufi IP addresses to SYS/OVH, likewise its not possible to transfer OVH IP to Kimsufi/SYS...or SYS > OVH. The IP addresses are apparently only transferrable within the same range of servers. This just seems a little crazy to me? As on the bottom of the Kimsufi website it says 'Grow with OVH' with a nice little image showing the growth progression from Kimsufi > SYS > OVH.... "Failover IP, licences Windows, advanced support or even vRack*, discover these features and even more on the range of servers SoyouStart and OVH. "

Could someone please clarify if this is correct?

Many thanks,