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Kimsufi Windows reinstall

25-04-2014, 13:10
This is why people aren't hanging around OVH any more, just check out the number of topics here of people complaining... I hate saying it but it really is time for people to move away from OVH if they aren't going to care about their customers. They've gone so downhill it's not even funny.

24-04-2014, 21:24
Talk about taking a **** on your customers

24-04-2014, 18:42
Yep, they changed it when the new ranges came out, everything Kimsufi related is done on the Kimsufi forum now.

You would think they'd make it so that only the thread owner and Kimsufi Staff could view the threads in the support forums over at Kimsufi, it's really not that hard to do with vBulletin.

24-04-2014, 15:26
Posted on the kimsufi forum, didn't even realise they were different, and thank Google for in-browser translate.........

24-04-2014, 15:13
I logged into my server manager and clicked "contact support". Are you telling me that I am expected to openly discuss an apparent invoicing issue with a forum? What the actual hell

24-04-2014, 13:24
Did you contact Kimsufi Support (via Kimsufi Forums) or OVH support? I don't believe OVH directly provide support for Kimsufi anymore, it has to be done via Kimsufi Forums.

24-04-2014, 11:29
I have an issue with my kimsufi server intermittently dropping all connections. I did a netboot and everything reported fine. I figure something with Windows has gone wrong. So I log into manager to reinstall Windows as I have done in the past yet receive this error "You are not allowed to reinstall your server with this distribution, no windows licence registered, or license is expired".

When I contacted support they basically just said we are sorry but we don't give a **** about kimsufi any more, please **** off and ask people on the forum. So here I am.

Why can I not reinstall my Windows license?