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EG-32 Raid0 Setup (Need Help)

01-05-2014, 00:56
30-40GB is a lot for a server, I use 10GB for my "/" mount.

Also why ext3? ext4 is faster in every aspect.

Other than that it looks fine, try it and see if it works

28-04-2014, 03:11
Hi can anyone help me out am going to install new os on my ovh EG-32 which has 2x3 tb and would like to do the install with raid0 so i can get the full 6 tb but i have know idea how to do this can any staff or anyone thats done this befor help me with the steps on how to set up raid0 on my EG-32 from the ovh manager

Edit : i did this a few years back on a old ded ovh server dont know if its still the same way in the ovh manager for the new ovh ded servers this is what am thinking of useing dont know if its a overkill and the server wont run well

partition 1

mount point /

file system ext3

30-40 gb


file system swap

32 gb


partition 3

raid 0

rest of disk space