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Connection loss

29-04-2014, 16:30
Hi Neil,

Thanks for the reply, i did look and nothing seems to be mitigated.

I also don't see any spikes in traffic either inbound or outbound.

29-04-2014, 15:55
Hi no issues at all, perhaps it is the DDOS Protection causing the few minutes of downtime before it filters the traffic?

29-04-2014, 14:56
Anyone from OVh can confirm if there is an issue with RBX5?

28-04-2014, 21:27
For the readers reference:

28-04-2014, 17:29

For the past week I've experienced sistematic loss of connection to my failover ips.

The connection simply times out and gets restored after 5-10 minutes to timeout again in a few seconds.

I have checked if anything had changed and nothing was done to alter server stability.

In an attempt to solve the issue i have updated proxmox to the latest release and stopped all VMs.

Once that was done i created a new VM and reinstalled ipcop as before. This has not solved the problem.

As it appears I'm not the only one with connection problems could anyone confirm if there is an issue with RBX5?