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No Mail Settings work on our Joomla site SMTP, SENDMAIL..

20-01-2015, 17:09
Quote Originally Posted by Neil

I have contacted you by email about this issue.

I have the same issue. Would you mind forwarding me the answer you gave?

12-05-2014, 18:15

I have contacted you by email about this issue.

11-05-2014, 18:14
Hi, firstly Id like to thank anyone for any help. Im usualy very good with computers and fixing problems, I have a few websites all on OVH.

When users register an the emails are not sent to them, Ive tried
Phpmailer : (massmail says message sent but is not)
Senmail : (massmail says message sent but is not)
SMPT : (sending emails in mass mailer works but still emails not being sent when people register)

I have some similar websites hosted on Easyspace and managed to get things working on there, So Im really wondering.

At the moment im going to make a clone of a working website thats on easyspace to OVH and see what happens.

Im pretty much going insane here and would rather not be LOL
Thanks for any help