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Vps cloud - included plesk 10 domain licence?

23-05-2014, 10:30

In the beginning if you choose plesk with your VPS cloud, the license will be automatically assigned with your VPS.
If you chose to have another OS such as windows in the beginning, the plesk license wouldn't be assigned automatically.
In order to obtain the free 10 domain plesk license you would place an order via the API:{serviceName}/plesk/{duration}#POST

Whilst it will be an order, the cost of the order will be 0.00.


22-05-2014, 22:47
Hi folk's

Managed to figure it out thanks to this post, cheers Neil!

22-05-2014, 20:27

I'm new to the OVH CloudVPS range and I noticed that a 10 domain plesk licence is included in the package. I have installed a windows server o/s and installed plesk via windows installer however I am unable to license it as I have not received any license details or find one anywhere in the panel.

I have attempted to have a look at the OVH API in order to be issued one however I'm a bit lost has anyone been able to obtain a license using the API? if so how did you manage it?