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Server not accessible

24-05-2014, 13:23
The Server is now back online.

There are no visible tickets, and nothing to indicate what went wrong, or what has been done to fix it. From the "darkness" of the fault, I am guessing power supply.

Thanks Criot for the response; yes - I wrote my own monitoring thing some years ago, and the OVH one is still in place.

It never did show-up on the status page (

For all the issues we have with OVH/KS, this was sorted in a reasonable time-frame (for a 60 server).


24-05-2014, 12:45
If it says it failed then it should of notified Technicians already and they'd probably deal with it.

Do you have monitoring enabled?

24-05-2014, 12:22
Dear Sirs,

Posted at both KS & OVH Forums, as this is a 2010 OVH-bought server with a KS designation.

The Server is:
Data centre: RBX
Rack: CT211
Number: 87326

10:45 GMT The server is not accessible in any way what-so-ever It is not responding to Pings, RDP, HTTP, DNS.

11:00 GMT I performed a re-boot from the OVH v3 Manager.

11:10 GMT Still server not accessible

11:10 GMT I changed to WinRescue and re-booted.

11:15 GMT Still no response to pings, or anything.

11: 16 GMT I then receive an email from OVH saying there was a problem with the reboot.

11:17 GMT I then receive another email from them saying that the WinRescue boot did not succeed. shows that NO servers are down in RBX1-CT211.

Please can support let me know what is going on...