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auto renew of services

02-06-2014, 14:18
ignore that last post, found it right at the bottom of the page which was off screen.

02-06-2014, 14:14

When I navigate to the automatic renewel page there is no option 'manage your automatic payment methods', there is just the option to select the services I wish to renew.


02-06-2014, 12:59

You can set up the auto renewal within the old manger v3 at:

Manager >> Administratin >> Auto-Renewal

From here there is an option called "Manage your automatic payment methods". This will enable you to add an bank card or an paypal as an payment method. The "generate order" option will create an one off order for 3.00, this order will be used to memorise your bank card.

Afterwards you would navigate back to the renewals page, you will have the option to choose the services which you wish to renew. Your first renewal will be:

Cost of renweal - 3.00 (Memorising bank card) = First auto-renewal.

If you add new services after the setup of the auto-renewal, you would need to tick the new services in the manager to include it within the auto-renewal.


30-05-2014, 18:31

I was thinking about using the auto renew feature for payments for my servers but I am getting a bit confused:

In the latest manager if I click on Payment methods it has my paypal account listed, even though I have only ever made one paypal payment there appears to be no way of enabling auto renew for that method. If I add a new payment method, a card I am presented with a 3 invoice to validate the card. How do I opt to auto renew via this interface?

If I revert to ManagerV3 (my preferred tbh) I can go to administration/settings/auto-renew and select date and services I wish to auto renew but there appears to be no option to select the payment method to use for the auto renewals.

Surely I don't have go to one manager to add the payment method and then to another to set up auto renew.

Once I've figured that out, if I manage to set up auto renewal for my existing services, (as managerv3 asks me to specify) when I add a new service, do I have to select auto renewal for that service or is it automatic added?