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Support - some surprising results...

10-06-2014, 09:28
If it's in UK office hours and Neil is around you can be sure your issue will be sorted ASAP. If it's out of hours and Neil is in bed or spending time now working (how dare he!!) then support can be patchy at best.

09-06-2014, 11:53
As one of the people annoyed with their terrible treatment of old Kimsufi customers, I'm also happy to admit I've never had any issues with support for the OVH range of servers we use at work (or at my former employer). A dead hard disk was swapped in 30 mins of opening a ticket. After the array rebuilt, the other disk started to look like it was going to fail. This time OVH pro-actively warned us of the impending failure and arranged a time to replace the disk. Another time we were told our CPU was too hot and OVH would replace the cooler on it.

06-06-2014, 18:02
Thanks Trapper for the feedback, we have taken this on-board and sent it to our support manager in France to see what we can improve on. Shame you will not in London to discuss in person this feedback, but enjoy the US

06-06-2014, 15:17
Good detailed review, OVH UK Support is certainly better than France, US etc from what I've heard, I've always had a response within a few hours (just a pity UK support isn't available weekends at least). Incident support is also pretty good, so I agree with pretty much what you've said, hopefully their support continues to improve

06-06-2014, 14:35
As those of you who have seen my posts, and read my servers list know, I have a number of servers, with OVH and other providers.

Like most, I have given OVH a hard time on a range of subjects, like "the constant moving target" of T's&C's, and my favourite "you pay 50+ for a server from OVH, and get 2.99 level of support".

My recent server purchases have been at LeaseWeb, replacing servers at OVH which are still being charged like current models, but which have half (or less) the hardware. I guess I have had enough of Oles moaning about the turnover rate on servers, when the commercial model they are following is promoting just that.

But Trap, the subject is support...?

Yes - Support. The service from LeaseWeb has been fantastic. Until this week, I have not managed to have a ticket open for more than about 20 minutes. This week however I had a network problem there. It seems some of the ports I was using should have been closed. Always. Even though they had been working for several months (and still do with one of the servers there) the ports were closed without any notice.

So I found a server at OVH which would do the trick. I did quiver when I saw the dreaded "120 sec" label, but the server was delivered about 2 hours later. I spoke to Danny in OVH support during this time, and afterwards about the OS's which are available under OVH. And although not quite as quickly as my lack of patience would have liked, he managed to translate the Frenglish for me.

Recently another server at OVH had a problem in the middle of the night (about 03:00 GMT). I raised a ticket, which was answered very quickly. The server was down for less than an hour, with a power problem. After the fix was done, the conversation was a little hard, as the Frenglish was getting in the way, but the fix itself was fine.

So this week at least OVH have provided better support than LeaseWeb.

(Musical interlude, to allow the readers to get back on whatever they just fell off of...)

LeaseWeb have also scored highly though, as I asked their commercial team about a refund for the remaining 26 days on the server, which was no longer of any use. They said that in the circumstances, they would refund the entire month.

OVH, read the above

again... That is customer service.

I hope this "improved" OVH is going to continue. If I am kind, support at OVH has been "patchy", this experience however has given me hope.

Credit where credit is due - Keep up the good work.


PS. Next - fix the Frenglish problems...
PPS. Then fix the OVH Price & KS Service...