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New Distribution: Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 Trusty Tahr with X2Go

17-06-2014, 03:49
Thanks for the 4-5 hours help from Jasgriff. It seem that the common error is that:

I ran into this today on Ubuntu 14.04 and wanted to just post some updates I found after digging around a bit. Essentially, this doesn’t look like anything X2Go can fix. Since version 3.8, gnome-session refuses to start without 3D acceleration, which isn’t possible over an X2Go session. Unless there’s some workaround added to allow gnome-session without hardware acceleration, we’re probably out of luck. One workaround is to use xfce instead. I haven’t tried this yet myself, but I expect it would probably work fine.
Tried XFCE but Chrome is not working. Default browser is not working. Chronium is not working. Integrated Firefox is working (hopefully). No toolbar on top while connected remotely.

Cinnamon looks pretty good and n00b-friendly but again can't be used (blank screen).

GNOME, Linux Mint and some other distributions/desktops are not working, only this lite xfce. Again while connected with X2Go client, shows blank black screen, nothing else.

Is it possible somehow to 'emulate' that 3D acceleration or to put somewhere in the registry that on the virtual machine is installed NVIDIA GeForce or sth like that? Or to install somehow older GNOME version for example 3.7 (when after 3.8 is not working). Any suggestions from the mods/admins/support/Félix/NatdaS?

16-06-2014, 19:08
Hi Staunch,

Have you managed to connect with X2go? I installed this version to test the other day and managed to get it to connect to the desktop straight away so I might be able to help.

16-06-2014, 18:27
I need to write a ticket about that or comments leaving is useless?

I usually don't want a personal reply when many users around the web should have the same issues. Definitely those (up-to-date) in-depth guides are required.

16-06-2014, 01:53
I have read the provided guides above. The second one is out-of-date because the client version is pretty new. The first guide is only for the client, no mention for the install of the server. Also don't understand the:

Use RSA/DSA key for ssh connection click on the folder button on the right and chose the **rsa private key** you generated (only for minicloud: the key is generated in managerv5).
Part - where exactly this "RSA Private key" is placed into Windows (home PC)? How to obtain it? VPS-Classic, not minicloud.

I have figured out that I need a server version of X2Go (maybe it's not integrated into 14.04). So used these steps with commands to install it and then these ones. Then I've tried to connect again from the client - error:

Host key verification failed - "The server is unknown. Do you trust the host key? Public key hash:  - 41:..:..:L..etc. numbers". Authentication failed.
A bit stranger when with Putty the connection is working. Don't know but it seems like confused for the average user. Particular guides, old guides, not all things mentioned… The same with NoMachine software - Host key verification failed.

Why you don't create a new up-to-date guide and write there ALL COMMANDS that are needed (line after line) to be entered in order to get a fully working RDP? All commands to install in the VPS into the server-part side, the client, exact links to download, etc., and to be n00b-friendly? Without giving away any errors with certs (RSA-keys or whatever is it called) or something.

Also some guide to explain, if you got the Cloud plan and add multiple IPs, how to use those multiple IPs configured by Desktop-version/vision at once by one VPS? So when an user starts Firefox to have X IP, when he starts Chrome to have Y IP, when he starts Steam Client to have Z IP, etc. – again things that are usually hardly explained into your help guide and only with commands or unknown-words. Again hard to be done from newbies.


09-06-2014, 11:51
Dear Customer,

We offered you the Server version of Ubuntu 14.04 on the same day that it was released. We are now offering you the Desktop version with remote desktop access.

As with the previous Desktop versions (10.04 and 12.04), we haved based it on the X2Go suite in order to offer you a comprehensive, powerful and easy to use remote desktop.

Due to the GNOME 3 incompatibility with X2Go, as well as some feedback requesting increased agility and ease of use, we have chosen the Xubuntu version with the Xfce desktop environment this time.

To use it, you will need the X2Go client which is available here for Linux, Windows and Mac:
You will need to configure this client using the following guide:

This version of Ubuntu is a Long Term Support (LTS) release and will benefit from updates for 5 years. Version 12.04 with GNOME will also remain available until 2017.

This distribution is currently available from OVH in beta version, please do not hesitate to leave us your comments here.

Kind regards,