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Installa Open VPN in OVH Classic VPS

15-06-2014, 21:32
Yes right the problem itīs the kernel i try Open VPN in dedicated server and have the same problem , change default kernel and reboot the server and all working perfect , the problem itīs that in VPS , i send ticket the support and waiting .........

15-06-2014, 14:51
I'm having the same issues, they just need to enable the kernel modules. I've put in a support ticket, I'll let you know how it turns out.

14-06-2014, 21:12
I try install Open VPN in VPS Classic , i read some manuals and i get start the Open VPN server from SSH command line

But when i go to admin of Open VPN i see "start server" , i try start and tell me all time :

iptables service not started because of error (SVC_RUN_EXCEPT)
iptables service not started because of error (SVC_RUN_EXCEPT)

I read in oher posts the problem itīs from ovh , because tun/tap and module ppp no active , i donīt understand about this point

If you can put and install Open VPN please confirm me this and how i can run it , thankīs , the beste regards