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Ubuntu 14.04?

23-06-2014, 12:11
Hi it is possible to downgrade but it is described as a 'mess' see for example

You basically remove all the packages and then add 5.3 - So you can be sure it will break something. We do offer 12.04 so you can reinstall the server.

Is it not possible to upgrade you CMS as downgrading would only be a short term solution really.

21-06-2014, 18:22
Isnt it possible to downgrade to 12.04
Because my hole CMS project is made in PHP 5.3, and we need to change ANYTHING because alot of things is outdated in 5.4
And you can't install php 5.3 in Ubuntu 14.04

So can you reinstall the hole server to ubuntu 12.04?
OR is there a option to install php 5.3 on 14.04?