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Unable to register on OVH

23-06-2014, 11:18

I will try and see if it works, much appreciated!



23-06-2014, 11:16
Hi Ben

If you are based in Malta you can order from and they will be able to accept your order and remove the VAT.

22-06-2014, 13:32
Dear OVH support,

I am having a real problem there, I would like to be one of your customer and purchase a CLOUD service, unfortunately, your IP detection table is wrong. I am based in Malta(EU) and your website form on the below page keeps showing up UK, therefore all my V.A.T details, Phone numbers and so on are not accepted during the form validation.

Also, I would like to have a POINT of Sale script online with a service that can grow as needed(cpu, hd and ram), a service that pretty much never goes down and a service where I can get some kind of support from you.
Would this be right?

I would like to take either the cloud2 or 3 package for now.

Now regarding the above packages, do they come with support?
For the 100gigs RAID 10 Backups, how much active space do we have please? I believe that if we have 10 gig of data, we will perhaps lose 20 no?

Could you please explain this a little bit for me?

Thank you,