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Verification time

29-07-2014, 18:44
finally fixed

thank you

24-07-2014, 14:07
Problems still unsolved,

can you please give an input, why this is happening? is there a problem? you can't find the documents after 5 times I have send them ?

please do not give me assurances, just fix the problem

OVH, it is today 16 days since I paid for the server, half month lost due to... I do not know!
how do you expect me to setup a server, without extra IP. and with the server expiration date in 14 days from today, without the ability to renew.

22-07-2014, 13:09

This should be taken care of today, apologies for the delay.

22-07-2014, 11:18

21-07-2014, 10:42
Quote Originally Posted by TomOVH

I have passed this order on to our billing department who will correct it as soon as they can. I apologise for this delay
Tom thank you for forwarding the request, but Jenny already did last week, still no resolve, it is 21st of the month and 13 days now..

"Your order was paid on 08/07/2014 a 22:27:20 - Your order is in progress"

19-07-2014, 23:18

I would like my handle validated to. i've got an old -ovh handle, that are already validated and without VAT, but not usable on SYS (Soyoustart)
New handle: sm212115-sys
Old Handle: sm90622-ovh

My order: #29496120
Did also expire .... Before my account was validated.


18-07-2014, 10:33

I have passed this order on to our billing department who will correct it as soon as they can. I apologise for this delay

17-07-2014, 21:32
account validated,and not validated... you let me pay for the order and deliver the server, no vat, with validation verification yet i am not validated two days later

since last week I am unable to
a) order more IPs
b) order ftp backup
c) pay without vat (again)
d) all of the above due to fail verification of my company status, and the expiration date that shows 08-07-2014, which is wrong and blocks all transactions, can't renew can't order ips, can't get ftp backup

server was paid on the 8th, server delived almost instantly yet IT IS unusable WITHOUT extra ips, for the love of whatever God you praise, please, validate(again), remove vat(again), align the expiration date of the server so I can use it

paid server:

Ticket #2014071577000647, answered, but no resolve, we have a different understanding of how much time shortly refers to..
Ticket #2014071277000134, answered, and requested AGAIN for the forth time to send the documents to validation,

guys you seriously need the best CRM backend to support the needs of the huge beast called OVH,

tomorrow it is Friday, and then you are closed for the weekend, another 3 days lost...

11-07-2014, 16:26

11-07-2014, 10:11

Please validate my account asap. I have sent all documents to Am from india.So please remove VAT.My nichandle is " ap85402-sys ".

Awaiting your kind reply,
Thank you.

08-07-2014, 13:00
thank you very very much

Jane - OVH
08-07-2014, 11:27

Your account has been validated. You can email for any further support you need.

08-07-2014, 10:10
Order: (removed password)

28-06-2014 23:07:56

"To order, please send the following two documents to by quoting your nichandle: zs15287-sys"

email send to as the order page suggested, with nick handle zs15287-sys
order is now expired as the verification has not passed yet

08-07-2014, 09:46

What's your nic-handle? Did you send your documents to or

07-07-2014, 20:25
Dear OVH, can you please tell me what you need in order to proceed with the verification?? this is not a fun/learning server, this is for work, we need to start asap working with the servers. and your verification time(bottleneck) is precious time

This is the first time, I ever see a company, do business in such manner.

customers beg to get the service they need and staff doesn't reply on mails,

I have already send twice the required documents
Vat verification
Company creation docs
proof of address
ID of company owner

01-07-2014, 13:23
my other nics are personal, meaning private server usage,

the nic zs15287-sys, is for company use, so different documents, vat, company registration etc,

will it help?

thanks for the reply tho

01-07-2014, 11:49

Do you already have a valid OVH or Kimsufi account? If you do please email us with your SYS and your other NIC handles that are already validated and then we can validate your account this way



01-07-2014, 01:32
I know that there are many more waiting, even weeks,

but this is a huge problem, I am a verified customer and I have to verify again and again for every new thing ovh create

anyway, new sys server is needed, for company use,
new business account created for this and, the waiting starts,

nick handle: zs15287-sys
documents have being send