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How to change the config file of the DNS Named?

04-07-2014, 15:38

I have been for days on this and do not know if I should keep a server here as I am worried to keep having this type of problems with the VPS.

For 3 days now I have been trying to add my Name servers 1 and 2 at the registrars so they could point to the VPS. Unfortunately, the registerar keeps showing me an error(name servers failed).
The technical support at OVH told me that I needed to add a line of code as shown below in my "named" server config file:

allow-transfer {;};

I am now logged via SSH as root, how to I get to this file(I do not know much about Linux commands) and how do I open and edit it please?

I am using the OS Centos and I also have WHM installed.

Thanks to all in advance.