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Wanting to buy a game server but 'replenishing stocks'

06-07-2014, 19:06
I am the same with wanting to have a play around with one.

I can see them coming in one more time as the other expire before the kick off date so if I do get one and you miss it you can by all means have the remaining time to test it out.

06-07-2014, 18:31
Having said that, it doesn't look like any have been delivered for 4 days, 3 days and 7 days respectively so my guess would be there will be no more until they go live properly.

*edit* which is a bit of a pain as I have been keeping my eye out for a GAME-3 as I wanted to test if it would any better for my API server, I currently have an E3-1230 v2, which I am running a 32bit VM off (didn't realise the default proxmox containers were 32bit when I set it up) and have 14GB of memory attached to it, ehich was running perfectly, however in the last month we have gone from 80 million hits a month to 140 million and if the traffic continues as it is by next month it will be about 210million hits, unfortunately the server often gets to a load of around 39 ( as of writing its sitting at 28)

06-07-2014, 18:19
That only has kimis on the list though? Not the SYS game servers?

06-07-2014, 02:18
You just select the server you want and it will notify you by email when the OVH has stock.

05-07-2014, 20:31
So is that the availability of the servers? If so thats great.

05-07-2014, 20:04

Does that help? Haven't tested it on the Game servers yet but it should work.

05-07-2014, 18:01
How long is it til you guys have another server available? I am in need of a server but they're all out of stock