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Sub-domains, url rewriting and double name domain site

05-07-2014, 19:07
Hi guys,
I'm going to start a new project in few days but I want to be sure of something before to start. I have a kimsufi dedicated server and want to set up a bilingual site. It's not my first bilingual site but I want to try a new way which is to buy 2 name domains, one in english and one in french, so, homepage would be :

PHP Code:
index.php?lang=fr   ->
index.php?lang=en   -> 
The second part would include as well sub-domains, so first, I would like to know if I can set up in Manager v3 only one sub-domain (lets name it zone for example) that I can rename according to the country requested using URL rewriting for instance? I have in mind something like that :

PHP Code:
index.php?lang=fr&country=fr   ->
index.php?lang=fr&country=be   ->
index.php?lang=en&country=uk   ->
index.php?lang=en&country=us   -> 
and so on.

Am I dreaming or is that possible to do?! To me, it would mean using only one database and only one back office, which makes thing easier in fact…

If somebody as done something like this before or know how to do it, I'll be grateful

Thanks in advance,