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VPS for a VPN server

08-07-2014, 16:45

You can use the VPS Cloud for your own Private VPN. You can order additional IPs and then add them to the VPS as well if you want to, please note these IPs are additional Aliases, so they cannot do outbound traffic leaving the server.

The VPS Servers have DDOS Protection, so any attack will not count towards your traffic.

08-07-2014, 15:51
Hello OVH.I have 2 questions.The first one is:Can I order the cheapest Windows VPS and add 2 more IPs to it and use it for a VPN server for my 2 PCs?The second one is:If i get ddos attacked but the attack is stop by your protection ,but the attack generates more than 10 000 GB to your firewalls in a month,will this limit my VPS Bandwith to 1mbps?