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SP64 vs HOST32

22-07-2014, 11:41
That is what I plan to do, just use the failovers for the virtual machines, and then when I get to the stage I need to upgrade then it shouldn't be so complicated

21-07-2014, 10:41
what i would do would be to have the server with X failovers and only use the failovers for domains/virtual guests and leave the server ip to manage the server. saves the headache of changing dns records when all you'd have to worry about would be moving the failover ip.s

20-07-2014, 21:36
you can't move your main IP (I realy don't understand why..).
Because they would need to reassign that IP and if a mistake is made in doing that you can create big internal administrative chaos, which isn't worth any money they could charge you for any transfer. Very reasonable.

20-07-2014, 19:51
You can migrate only Failover IPS from SYS to OVH, but you can't move your main IP (I realy don't understand why..).

20-07-2014, 11:40
Thank you both for your responses, I am thinking that I will start with the SYS and then if needed upgrade to the SP64 as apparently you can migrate the IP's from SYS to OVH.

13-07-2014, 21:55
SP64 faster than Host32, but SYS could very well be fast enough. Host32 has many free extras. If you need them, you can save money.

13-07-2014, 20:08
The main difference between SYS and OVH would be IPs and Support Levels personally, all OVH IPs are paid for only once where as that's only available on some servers with SYS. Another thing would be hardware choice, there's a bigger variety as to what drives you get with OVH in comparison to SYS, also, with SYS you don't have access to Incident tickets whilst with OVH you do (big and main one for me personally).

The benefits of Hosting (from what I gather) over the SP is simply the free license that you can get, I don't think there's really anything else that's different?

13-07-2014, 19:00
I am considering a 2nd server and moving some of my clients to their own vps rather than the shared hosting I currently host them on.

I was looking at the Host 32 but then notice the SP64 is the same price and as I am not a hardware expert I am confused as to why they are the same price. ie the SP64 has twice the memory and slightly faster processor frequency. Does the extra 2 cores in the Host32 compensate for the extra memory?

Then there is the SYS_IP2 which is half the price if keeping below 16 IP addresses but has lower bandwidth and slower processor. Saying that looking at my current mrtg stats my average has been 500kb/in and 250kb out so the bandwidth may not be an issue.