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OVH Secondary DNS as a Slave

18-07-2014, 14:17
Apparently you can do it, but if you've set up the zones and allowed transfers to then something's broken.

18-07-2014, 09:37
I actually have another Proxmox server and can set up a VPS, but i got so tied up in trying to solve this problem, i just didn't want to give up :-) I'll just setup a VPS there as advised Razakel. Thanks!

18-07-2014, 09:35
That's not a bad idea. What's interesting, is in the Secondary DNS section it mentions the current state and says "No transfer found". I found an old post from a long while back saying it was possible, but I have allowed that IP to zone transfer from my DNS servers and added in the Zone and no transfers happened :-)

Either I am doing something wrong or it just doesn't work any more :-)

17-07-2014, 20:20
Yeah, you have to configure the zones manually, but the OVH API allows you to make modifications programmatically.

Your best option would be to look into getting the lowest-spec VPS Classic from OVH (2 a month) and using that as a DNS slave. You could even set it up as a backup MX server.

17-07-2014, 14:44

I am playing about with the Plesk control panel and wondered can OVH secondary DNS server be used as a fully auto synced slave or is it just there for you to add your domains to manually? I realize if the server goes down the sites won't be accessible anyway, but it might be a nice to have in case DNS breaks on the primary or you buy more servers and use that server still as your primary DNS etc.

Thanks for any advice