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How do I extend my ''root'' / partition?

30-03-2015, 09:45

I am currently trying to configure ESXi on my new kimsufi box.

I know it can be difficult to do with only one IPv4 but my idea was to use IPv6 for the management and then use PfSense with the IPv4 address to NAT my VM's.

The only issue i am having is that i remove the IPv4 address from the VmKernel Port and try to assign it to a VM it is unable to get out.

I am repetitively new to ESXi so am wondering if I am missing something simple or am i trying to do something that is just not possible.

Any help with this would be great.

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20-07-2014, 18:23
When I initially setup the dedi, I used Kimsufi default installation template and choose to install CentOS 6.5. I recently noticed that my "root /" partition is around 80% and has only 20GB assigned to it, while my "sda2 /home" partition has around 950GB assigned to it. I want to shrink the "sda2" partition by 500GB and assign that 500GB to the "root" partition. I haven't been able to find any guides for help, if anyone could assist me that be great!