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How do I host my own domain from plesk on dedi?

07-08-2014, 12:40
Did you do this?

In your domain manger create a child domain eg: pointing to your server ip
Then put your created child nameserver in your NameServer
Then add A Record for ip4 with value of your yourserver ip
For ip6 it is AARecord

I never used plesk

05-08-2014, 17:22
Looks like that domain resolves to your server (there's a splash page, at least). You need to create the user and subscription in in Plesk, then upload content to the appropriate directory.

I've never used Plesk but hopefully this'll help you:

05-08-2014, 11:28

I have a dedicated server setup running plesk, I had previously had pointing to my dedi server and it was working just fine, I removed the dns zone, installed plesk but upon creating an account, nothing seems to work. I can't browse to or ping it. How do I setup DNS correctly so I can setup my own hosting account in plesk? Do I need to do anything in my OVH manager?