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Can't connect to server IDK why

10-08-2014, 14:18
XAMPP isn't a good idea. LAMPP is. If it's a hardware issue, they should fix it. You can boot to rescue mode pro and run some hardware tests to see if that is the problem. Takes maybe 15 Minutes without RAM test. You can see unofficial Kimsufi FAQ on how to run some test. You will need to open a support ticket and hope they'll fix it fast. If it's a software problem, first I would boot in WinPE rescue mode and run chkdsk and see if that fixes boot problems.

10-08-2014, 14:04
Dear there, i sended to email to OVH Email but they notice me to supporting on forums, so i comed there to explain my problem.

I have almost 1 month the dedicated server and i payed second.
I have installed by my self "Windows server 2008 Enterprise R2

And yesterday at night i go sleep, after i wakeup on 10:00 GMT +1 server was down idk how, remote not working, sites xampp not working, nothing, look like server dead

I tryed to reboot server from manager, it doesn't helps, can anyone help me?