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Server went crazy!!!!

11-08-2014, 21:55
I don't have experience with Windows servers but if you can't resolve it in Rescue Mode and KVM isn't working then I would guess that you need to open an Incident Ticket, but be warned if it's something you caused and that you could fix, you will be charged for the Incident Ticket, though if it isn't doing a reinstallation that makes it Incident worthy.

11-08-2014, 19:43
Windows Hyper-v Server 2012 r2

11-08-2014, 19:39
I have no idea of what os you are running as you have not said here but you could try an alternate os then go back to original os sometimes this fixes the issue of broken installs

11-08-2014, 19:29
its dropping some error so it wont reinstall os.. and KVM is not working also..

11-08-2014, 19:26
Your server is unmanaged and as you messed the config up you will have to reinstall the server or fix it in rescue mode. And you should be able to reinstall the machine even if you cannot connect from home

11-08-2014, 18:48
Okay so I'm looking from some of the staff. No one is answering on my tickets and its URGENT!
My server went all crazy! I can't run iKVM, can't connect to it due to disabling internet adapter when was trying to setup more ip adresses i bough, and can't even reinstall OS!!!