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Classic VPS - restricted use

12-08-2014, 19:36
Classic VPS is suitable for hosting but there are restrictions in terms of the likes of the use of CSF due to the virtulization that's used.

12-08-2014, 17:50
Firstly I love the service this is not an attempt at bashing. I'm just curious as to why you advertise the classic VPS as a suitable platform for hosting with cPanel licenses and what not? I'm only asking here because I was only met with a rather 'computer says no..' answer from a gentleman on the Irish phone support.

'You can host multiple personal and professional projects or websites on your first server and manage it with total autonomy.'

Anytime a reasonable day to day request such as adding an additional IP or adding something like a firewall (CSF for instance) it can't be done..
The bog standard reply is 'oh you should be on the VPS cloud'. The whole point of a having a VPS is that its unrestricted, its yours to do what you like?

Why not be upfront and honest with your advertising and ultimately save people time, hassle and money by telling new buyers that the classic VPS is not suitable for hosting? Or that you don't want people using your classic VPS service for hosting purposes?