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Rebooted my vps and now its down :(

16-08-2014, 20:23
Thank you for your reply,
Is it possible somehow to backup everything in case something will happened while my vps offline? like the database and the public_html files.

And what is "rescue mode" used for basically? is not an option to use when my server is under ddos attack or something?

Edit: when trying rescue mode i can finally access my vps and i can ping it, but my website still down and on the manager i can see that the "Status" of all that ssh, http,https, smtp is still disabled.

Edit: Got it fixed somehow after trying rebooting multiple times, its really wierd, i guess its because i just added a new cPanel/WHM license and it took some time for this service to be available on my vps so in the meantime the vps could not turn on.

16-08-2014, 20:18
Try rebooting it again and if it still doesn't come up after another reboot, you'll have to try seeing if it works in rescue mode. If it's still failing in rescue mode then I would advise opening an incident ticket.

16-08-2014, 20:15
When i log into my manager I see under "Status" that ssh, http,https, smtp are disabled and i dont know why.
I cant ping my server i cant connect it using putty.
I just rebooted my vps using the panel, after renewing my cpanel license, thats all..

I tried to contact the support but i got no answer yet, its really important what do you advise me to do?