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First problem with server with scp file transfer.

19-08-2014, 00:28
If I limit scp bantwidth, connection does not drop. Is this because sys server can not handle 10Mbit connection? Or should I try other protocol other than scp ?

18-08-2014, 23:41
I just got my server ready and installed proxmox. When I want to see upload speed, I tried upload file via scp from some OTHER proxmox server to SYS server. But as soon as transfer starts, I loose ssh connection to sys server.

But if I do opposite, If I download at sysserver, it downloads from remote fine.

So when I type command to UPLOAD to sysserver from other server, I loose connection but if I type DOWNLOAD command at sysserver it download file fine.

Why is that? I need to upload file not download them.