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Hyper V Server 201 - Does anyone actually have it working on So You Start

13-11-2014, 18:07
Hello Mark

Congratulations for this work.

I was in the same situation and i had not solution after a lot of try of configuration and réinstallations ! (3 days )

Thanks very much, again


22-08-2014, 18:24
For anyone else attempting Hyper V support - It is possible.

After days of head banging I found the problem.

When you connect an external switch in hyper V it creates a new Virtual NIC Adapter which defaults to using DHCP.

Then it disconnects the existing physical network interface and copies the configuration to the virtual one.

The problem is SYS servers have only one live Network adapter. As soon as your remote sesion ends it stops.
Leaving you with a virtual adapter set to use DHCP.

Once its in this state the only way forward ive found was to reinstall. ALthough I see SYS have launched
a virtual KVM service - That might work.

The Solution:
Do not use HyperV manager, 5nine manager or any other tool to create your external switch.

You need to determine the Adapter name to use. Do to this from a Power Shell prompt run:


This will list the name of your adapters. Figure out which one you want to use for your switch.
In my case it was Ethernet 2.

Save the Power Shell Script below to a ps1 file (say c:\MakeSwitch.ps1). You can run:
Notepad c:\makeswitch.ps1
To do this. Update it with the correct name determined above.

Make Switch for So You Start Dedicated Server
execute the command Get-NetAdapter
This lists the ethernet adatpers.
Replace "ethernet 2" below with the name of your connected physical adapter
Adapted from:

Import-Module Hyper-V
$ethernet = Get-NetAdapter -Name "ethernet 2"
New-VMSwitch -Name externalSwitch -NetAdapterName $ethernet.Name -AllowManagementOS $true -Notes 'Parent OS, VMs, LAN'
New-VMSwitch -Name privateSwitch -SwitchType Private -Notes 'Internal VMs only'
New-VMSwitch -Name internalSwitch -SwitchType Internal -Notes 'Parent OS, and internal VMs'

This actually creates three switches, one of each type. (external, internal and private).

For anyone interested, Ive included the complete steps I took to setup a hyper V 2012 server on so you start at:

It works very well now it well.. works.

19-08-2014, 11:08
Sorry - My typo - I did use just miss typed it in the post.

19-08-2014, 11:06
Subnet 355.355.355.355
it should be

19-08-2014, 11:00
After some more digging, it looks like the problem is only one live NIC.
As soon as you create an external network Hyper creates a Virtual NIC and takes over the physical one.

The problem is the virtual nic is set to use DHCP - hence all connectivity is lost.

It seems it is not possible to use Hyper V with SoYouStart servers.
If anyone from SoYouStart support would like to help work with me to resolve this id be very keen. However I can see only two options, enable the second Nic or enable DHCP.

19-08-2014, 01:22
After a bit of digging. The server does indeed have two network cards.
NIC 1 is connected, NIC 2 is disconnected.
However If I tell Hyper V to use NIC 1 I immediately lose all connectivity.
It looks like I do indeed have the same problem as

Id be very grateful if anyone has figured out how to overcome it.

19-08-2014, 00:23
If anyone has please let me know. Even if you cant help me its worth me knowing its possible. I currently have my doubts.

I've just bought a dedicated server on which I really want to run Hyper V server.

I'm having a nightmare of a time trying to get a VM with internet connectivity, Ive used Hyper V several times in the past and never hit any problems like this.

I've Created an External Network using Network Connection 2 (Using Connection 1 causes the server to lose connection and I need to reinstall it again to get it back).
Ive followed the thread:

Then installed a VM, Ive set the VM to use the MAC address of the the Failover IP from the So You Start Control Panel.

Ive set the VMs details as:
IP - The Failover IP
Subnet (Typo in post changed from 355 - thanks alex)
Gateway - The Main Host IP, ending with 254

It has no connectivity. Im open to any suggestions at this point ... Thanks in advance to anyone that can help it is appreciated.