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Server refund

19-08-2014, 18:33

Please contact SYS support directly regarding this.


19-08-2014, 17:08
I placed an order for a SYS-IP1 server for a time critical assignment and it said 72 hours delivery which was fine.
At almost 4 days I rang customer services who still could not give me an ETA for server delivery but said that the SYS-IP2 was available straight away and that I could then ask for a refund on the undelivered server by email.
I used the inhouse OVH email option yesterday morning but have heard nothing back. Since then the SYS=IP1 has been delivered but is totally untouched and obviously now not needed.
The invoice number for the server is INVOICE SYSGB6052

Is it possible to get some sort of confirmation that the refund is in hand?

Dave Hobson.
Thank you in advance.