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Cloud Plesk 12 linux version problem

25-08-2014, 17:58
to not OVH telephone support is down inside of work related hours.... not good... am having to buy another cloud option to test the template just to make sure that the current one i have may be a fault... cant delete current due to sensitive data.

25-08-2014, 17:46
Upon using the template ovh provided for the new plesk 12 under linux centos i believe the is a issue regarding the mail server spitting out the error " relay access denied" when attempting to send email outbound ( SMTP ). I have checked the plesk website for troubleshooting and lookinto into plesk 12's cp to alter this.

Inbound email is fine. i have turned off the DNS option for the domain inside the CP and just had no luck what so ever in sorting out this issue...

Any assistance on this would be great. thanks