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[URGENT!] Over a week and no resolution to faulty hard disks

29-08-2014, 05:30
Quote Originally Posted by Daniel OVH
Looking into it..

also, no need to create multple forum accounts
Sorry, didnt realize SYS forum were merged with other.

Thanks for the speedy resolution, looks like it's been replaced now

Daniel OVH
28-08-2014, 13:11
Looking into it..

also, no need to create multple forum accounts

28-08-2014, 11:07
issues with failing hard drives on ovh servers are common (that's issues with getting them replaced - i'm sure a few of the forum regulars will share their horror stories!)

28-08-2014, 10:43
welcome to new ks

28-08-2014, 00:32
Server: ns316345
ID: yi1151-sys

I contacted SYS support over a week ago because of failing HDD's. One was replaced on 19th but the other seems to be failing as well which I explained in initial email. At one point they said it had also been replaced but if it has it's been replaced with another faulty one or they are mixing up HDD's. I also only see one HDD replacement in intervention log. I have also supplied smart logs but it's been over a week and not been able to use my server and not getting replies from email.

Can support/Admin here please get in touch or check status and why it's taking so long. I expected more then this from the SYS brand but seems that interventions are just as slow as KS

We really need to get this server back up and running asap please.